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With Purpose:


Thank you for visiting our website. We sincerely hope that you enjoy yourself while you are here and pray that you carry away something that will add purpose and value to your life and we invite you to visit again. Knowing that everyone is in need of a spiritual home; if you do not have one - The Engrafted Word Family Church desires to be that home for you and your family.

Our motto here at The Engrafted Word Family Church is, “With Purpose” and we believe that every life created by the Lord has purpose. It is through the knowledge of God that an individual will come into abundant life instead of merely existing. Our goal is to teach the Word of God so that the promises and provisions that have been made available to us are made known and understood so that we can live them out in our lives.

Pastor Brian and the Hayes family

Remember that the Lord created you (with purpose) and loves you as you are. He knows everything about you and not only has the answers to everything – He is the answer. Our goal at The Engrafted Word Family Church is not to introduce you to a religious system, but bring you into a vital relationship with our Heavenly Father. We know that we can help you to find your place and life in God’s Church.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to seeing you again.

With Purpose,
Dr. Brian K. and Pastor Erica L. Hayes

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