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The Engrafted Word family Church

Pastor Brian In September 1998, while in prayer, the Lord spoke to Dr. Hayes and instructed him to go to "Centerville, Ohio and establish My Work". So in June 1999 the Hayes family moved to do just that. Renting a hotel room and beginning with just his family and a few visiting friends from their home state of Indiana on August 1, 1999 The Engrafted Word Family Church was birthed.

Commissioned to be a church where those who were disconnected from God could be connected and those who were without purpose and direction in life could find it - EWFC has been a place where people come to get things together. Through prayer, faith, determination, practical preaching, teaching and application of the Word of God The Engrafted Word Family Church is growing and thriving. As life and restoration are ministered to individuals and families many are growing to full maturity in the things of God.

A diverse congregation made up of individuals from various walks of life, EWFC provides a place where the love of God is shown, the truth of God's Word is taught, the presence of the Lord is felt and prayer is provided to help strengthen, grow and develop the Believer in their walk and relationship with the Lord.

The Church's motto is "With Purpose" and encompasses four things:

  1. Praying with purpose
  2. Giving with Purpose
  3. Loving with Purpose
  4. Living with Purpose 

Too often we engage in prayer, giving, relationships and life without any real meaning or understanding behind why we do the things we do. As a result we make wrong or inadequate choices that leave us bitter, hurt or defeated in the end. By understanding why we make the choices that we do we can learn to make better choices that effect our future outcome and empower us to move forward in faith, confident and fulfilled in life.

Our Vision - To strengthen and minister to those inside and outside of The Body of Christ and help individuals grow to maturty in their relationship with the Lord.

Our Mission - To teach and minister the life changing truths of God's Word to all people.

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