Good Morning Hearers!

We tell people Phil 4:19 works and it does. But, have you ever wondered how it works? 

Sometimes in providing our need God does it through a harvest. The interesting thing is though He says He will provide – He doesn’t always tell you how. 

I John 5:14 - this is the confidence that we have in Him

Phil 4:19 – my God shall supply all of your need

I Peter 5:7 – cast all your cares on Him 

Here is the thing – He promised to supply your need, but not necessarily give you an immediate harvest. Sometimes He will provide you that seed for your harvest. Here is the problem, since we have such a giving God and we are such a “gimme” people – instead of looking for seed a lot of times we are looking for the harvest. Then that presents us with the situation of His giving us the seed and we are thinking that we didn’t get anything, because we fail to realize the way He operates.


Monday, I will give you an example…

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