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Pastor Brian Testimony - Brian Hayes grew up in the inner city of Gary, Indiana. Surrounded by drugs, gangs and violence, he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 11.

Immediately becoming a student of the Word and prayer, he answered the call to preach at age 14. At age 17, he formed Overcoming Faith Ministries and began holding teaching and preaching crusades, conducting seminars on various Christian topics of interest and formed a jail and prison ministry to reach out to those in need of the gospel.

In 1986, the Lord began to deal with Brother Hayes about the Ministry of a Prophet and called him as a Prophet and Teacher to the Body of Christ. At 25, Brian pioneered and was Pastor of Overcoming Faith Church in one of the housing projects in the city of Gary.

In 1998 during a time of prayer the Lord spoke to Brother Hayes and instructed him to move to Ohio and establish The Engrafted Word Family Church. Being obedient to the Lord and His leading, the family moved in June of 1999 and established The Engrafted Word Family Church, holding its first service August 1st. Having started with just his wife and son, the Church is growing and thriving with the Lord confirming His Word with signs following.

Dr. Hayes holds a Bachelors in Biblical Christian Counseling, Masters in Theology and Doctorate of Philosophy from the Christian Bible College and Seminary in Independence Mo. He also has a Bachelor in Christian Education and an Honorary Doctorate from Harvest In Time Worldwide School of Ministry in Gary, Indiana. Dr. Hayes also serves as Dean of Harvest In Time Worldwide School of Ministry, and sits on the board of several ministries. He serves as counselor and advisor to several ministers and is an author and speaker as well.

He established Brian K. Hayes Ministries (BHM) as an outreach of his prophetic and teaching ministry. With an emphasis on growth and development of faith and the prayer life of the believer and as a result BHM is making a solid impact within the body of Christ and in the lives of those he touches.


EricaRev. Erica L. Hayes is the Associate Pastor of The Engrafted Word Family Church and founder of Erica L. Hayes Ministries. Gifted with a heart of compassion and genuine love for others, she is a definite asset to this Ministry team. Married to Dr. Brian Hayes for over 15 years and the mother of two called and chosen children, Pastor Erica (as she is known by those at The Engrafted Word) is a true gift to the Body of Christ.

Raised as the daughter of a Pentecostal Preacher, Erica had seen her share of the hard side of ministry. Though she had given her heart to the Lord at a young age, Erica became disheartened by the hypocrisy she saw demonstrated by some Christians, so she rebelled and spent several years away from the Lord.

After realizing that she could not continue without Jesus, Erica surrendered her life to the Lord and His call upon her life. Shortly thereafter she met and married Dr. Brian Hayes and together with her husband, she founded and co-pastors The Engrafted Word Family Church in Ohio.

Pastor Erica has worked diligently alongside her husband and has served as Praise and Worship Leader, Teacher, Prayer Coordinator, Associate Pastor and mentor to the ladies of the congregation.

Feeling a leading from the Lord to do more outside the four walls of the Church, Pastor Erica founded Erica L. Hayes Ministries as an outreach of her teaching ministry and ministers to women on topics such as who they are in Christ, their rights and privileges as Believers and how to grow in their relationship with the Lord and enhance their relationships with others. Pastor Erica holds a Bachelors and Masters in Christian Education through Christian Bible College and Seminary in Independence Missouri.

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